Saturday, May 29, 2010

Frankly Speaking: US-Turkey Observations

If I learned anything from Saturday's match, I'm going to need a constant flow of early-morning drinks when the U.S. plays in South Africa.

For the first 45 minutes, I wondered whether USA Soccer would give a Seattle-like refund to fans in attendance for what looked to be an embarrassing sendoff party.

Then, in a second-half transformation reminiscent of last summer's Confederation's Cup result against Egypt, the U.S. showed why it's among the picks to reach the Round of 16.

Here are some notes from the match & more as I head out the door to Buck Shaw Stadium for Round II of Soccer Saturday in San Jose.

  • Did New Zealand really beat Serbia? Shocking stuff, but good for former Quakes player Simon Elliott and his squad. (BTW, I'm obsessed with the Haka so I couldn't resist the chance to toss in this video. How hardcore is that dance? Gets me pumped up just watching...maybe we can convince fellow Kiwi and Quakes goalkeeper coach Jason Batty to bring the Haka to San Jose...)
  • Team USA went Jekyll & Hyde today. I wore a sad face during the first half, but turned that frown upside down in the latter 45
  • Pass me some Findley Crow, please. Now let's see if he can be consistently dangerous
  • Not sure what I like more: The Dow Jones or the U.S. back four
  • Cherundolo over Spector
  • Dempsey at outside mid over Dempsey at forward
  • Onyewu at 80% over Goodson at 100%
  • Torres over Clark
  • Zakumi over Wenlock and Mandeville
  • "Q" over Wenlock and Mandeville (Honestly, creepiest looking mascots in recent memory. They look like those ill-conceived bad guys from the Power Rangers)

Lunch. Driving range. Buck Shaw. Catch me on Twitter.

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