Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frankly Speaking: Komac guarantees more than he can deliver

Why do athletes do this to themselves?

Andrej Komac, a reserve for Slovenia, has guaranteed victory against the U.S. on Friday, an unnecessary jab that will undoubtedly become locker room fodder for the Americans.

I don't mind that Komac is confident. Any player who believes his team is going to lose shouldn't be on the field. However, there's something to be said about modesty and keeping such wishful dreams to oneself.

Let's be real here: Komac is a substitute, an otherwise unnoticed cog in the Slovenian machine. He's playing for a team that just won its first match in World Cup history. His only noteworthy moment at this World Cup - ridiculous prediction notwithstanding - has been a yellow card against Algeria.

Slovenia should enjoy its time atop the Group C table because it may be short lived. A quick rundown of what I saw on Sunday:
In summation, Slovenia needed a lucky goal while playing against 10 men in order to defeat a weak team. Anybody else unimpressed? Before making any noise on the world's stage, please register some meaningful qualifications.

Andrej Komac, consider yourself on blast - if you even see the field - when the U.S. plays Slovenia on Friday.

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