Monday, June 28, 2010

Intersting Articles about US Soccer

The debate rages on - Will Bob Bradley be back? This and more in the following articles. Feel free to add your opinions by leaving a me crazy but I've got a feeling Bradley will be looking for work sometime soon after reading through the pertinent literature.

The New York Times says US soccer needs a Kobe Bryant (Thank you Captain Obvious. The article is essentially a celebrity viewpoint on how to grow soccer in America ala Mr. Bryant, which makes for an interesting read)

Found this on Kelly Gray's - Does US Soccer want Bob Bradley back?

Who says baseball is boring? With TVs tuned to the World Cup, fans in Kansas City entertained themselves while watching the Royals.

Jeff Carlisle looks ahead to which players might have a shot at the 2014 roster (Carlisle is apparently an Ike Opara fan. Good news for Quakes Nation).

Sunil Gulati isn't a happy camper. Bye bye Bradley?

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