Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kelly Gray: First Impressions

Every team has now played at least one game. Personally I have been a bit disappointed with the majority of play.

Germany seems to be the team to beat right now. They came out and made a statement. I mean 4-0 against anyone is a beating, but in a World Cup it's a whole other story.

I thought Australia would put up a much better fight and I still can’t believe that Tim Cahill got a red card. I mean come on. If you're the star of the team and a veteran, you should be more professional than to get thrown out of your team’s first game. You are supposed to make a point in your first game, and the point shouldn’t be ,“We will be back in 4 years.”

OK, on to the U.S. game. I think the U.S. actually could have won that game. I was utterly unimpressed by England and thought that we had better possession. Robby Findley had some great touches, but I want to see him be more dangerous. Jozy had a great chance and I think he has to build on that in the next game. For me though, Timmy Howard is the MVP. He is amazing and stepped up every time he was called upon.

Brazil was unimpressive, except for Maicon’s goal. North Korea scored a great one and looks like they could compete with some of the better teams in the tournament. Italy was boring and was lucky to tie up the game. Spain had some exciting play but couldn’t put the ball in the net. Argentina played some sporadic soccer, and Lionel Messi looked dangerous. He was foiled every time though by the outstanding play of the Nigerian keeper.

I loved seeing former Quake Simon Elliott and the Kiwis tie up the game against Slovakia 1-1 in the 93rd minute.

Uruguay came out and really played some exciting football. Diego Forlan is making a play for tournament MVP and as of right now has scored the goal of the tournament.

This is what I love about this tournament: Everyday things could change. It only takes one game.

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