Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kelly Gray: Exciting Tournament for the USA

I am writing this as I watch the US vs. Ghana game. I am so nervous about the game that I had to pull out my computer and start writing. I thought that I would take a bit of a different approach to this entry and write as the game goes on.

So far I am really impressed with the difference that Mo Edu and Benny Feilhaber have made on the game. Dempsey is taking a beating, but keeps bouncing up and creating problems the Ghanaian defense. Michael Bradley might be the most important player on this US squad. His late runs out of midfield throw off even the stingiest of defenses.


We are in the 77th minute now and the game has slowed a little. I need to change the subject or I am going to go crazy.

Ok lets talk about Uruguay vs. South Korea. Uruguay, for being a really small country, has been a surprise to me. I mean, I think we all knew that Diego Forlan was a great player, but that is it right? I guess not. Clearly they have some serious talent. Watch out for them in the semis.


84th minute now and Jozy was so close to finishing his chance. The US attack is heating up a bit and I think that if we have to go to extra time our superior fitness level and our “never say die” attitude will see us prevail. Of course I say all of that assuming that we don’t make any glaring mistakes defensively.


Full time. Ok time to go to extra time. Bob Bradley has always been known for being a fitness fanatic. This is where all those extra fitness days will hopefully pay off.


NO !!! What is the deal? Why do we have such a problem realizing that the game has started? We always give up a goal early. Now we will really see what we are made of.


Halftime in extra time. Ok Boys. 15 minutes to get a goal. We can do it! Lets have a good start to the second half.

Ghana is playing very patient football. They are just trying to connect passes and kill the game off.


10 minutes left. I don’t like how the Ghana players are faking injuries just to kill more time. Just be honest and try to beat us fair and square. And now a sub taking his sweet time to get off the field. Come on Ghana. How about some class.


Game Over.

Well it was a good run and now the United States realizes that soccer is here to stay. I’m unbelievably proud of our boys and am excited for the future of US Soccer.

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