Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frankly Speaking: My Countdown to Pandomonium

While still jaded by the afterglow of the most dramatic win in my U.S. Soccer history, I decided to share my journey through today's thriller. The thoughts in this blog are reflective of one man's opinion:

4 AM - Can't sleep. Too excited/nervous/ready to fist-pump the USA through to the Round of 16 to sleep.

4:54 AM - Laying in bed trying to will myself to sleep isn't working. Decided to get up and start logging significant points in my day for this blog. (well done so far, eh?)

5:13 AM - Played some old school FIFA on the PS2. Defeated Algeria 7-0. Good things to come?

6:35 AM - Will skip on the unnecessary details that led to me getting out the door. Onwards to The Brit in Downtown San Jose!

6:39 AM - I get a text from a coworker informing me that he's waiting in line to get into The Brit. Odds of finding a table indoors looks bleak.

6:50 AM - No tables left at The Brit. Line out the door. Lots of USA supporters. Looks to be a great atmosphere.

6:58 AM - Went straight to the patio in the back of The Brit. Found a seat near some diehard Quakes fans decked out in USA gear. Come on you Americans, let's do this thing!

6:59 AM - Why are the speakers blaring commentary from the England-Slovenia game? Nobody here wants to listen to Martin Tyler today!

7:03 AM - I've been informed that the speakers in the back were set up long before kickoff to only play the commentary from England-Slovenia. Epic fail for The Brit. I'm joining the exodus of American fans who want to watch and listen to USA-Algeria.

7:07 AM - Settled into a seat at Peggy Sue's. Bring on some pancakes & US goals.

7:21 AM - "Aww, that's horrible. He's not offsides!" There were plenty of expletives accompanying that voice of reason. Dempsey scores only to see the U.S. hit with another questionable, goal-denying call. Fifa 2, U.S. 0.

*Side note: WTF MATE?!?!?

7:47 AM - My original prediction was a pair of second-half goals for the USA. I shouldn't be so nervous then, right? Would rather I were wrong and the US went up 5-0 at the half. Not many words being spoken at Peggy Sue's during the break.

8:02 AM - Like seeing Feilhaber get on the field. Everything you got now boys!

8:14 AM - Dempsey hits the post. Tear :'( The USA is cursed.

8:24 AM - I need to change the mojo. (I'm crazy superstitious. During Little League games, I would strike a pose in the dugout when my team was at the plate. Hits meant I wouldn't move. Outs led to a change in posture. I still do this while watching games. It's slightly embarrassing, but makes me feel better.) Where better to find some good luck than the Irish Pub next door? To O'Flaherty's!

8:26 AM - So this is where that mob that left The Brit ended up...

8:35 AM - Why can't we just score? What's it going to take? I blame Bill Clinton. He should have sent the Secret Service at Algerian keeper Rais M'Bolhi a long time ago.

8:45 AM - DNSO#h89HAAiwbFPIIPEpa9w(W9bofWbioiOBFioFWq90h0h9 QWF(:PH) WEG:B(ABOegjehifHOWoAWoa@@*)*(FWj*%Gh09p308Q#HGbgW?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

8:46 AM - I will never swear, drink or leave a nearly-emptied carton of milk in the refrigerator again...just please let the US score!




8:55 AM - OK, I'm good. WOW! Amazing finish. Cheers to Landon Donovan and 91st-minute miracles. Somebody strike up a song..."This Magic Moment" and "Na Na Hey Hey" come to mind.


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